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In the early sixties, I discovered a book “The Eternal Present” by S. Gideon an anthropologist who traveled the world studying the images and artifacts of early cave dwellers. In his studies one common image was found….the human hand. These hand images were created by tracing around the hand and filling in or creating a stencil by placing the hand on a surface and blowing paint over it. Whatever these hand images represented, evoked a deep vibration and connection.


The metaphysical nature of these primordial mystical images started a journey that goes to the core of the work. They represent a rite of passage from what I deeply loved as a child and couldn’t explain to what I still love as an adult and still can’t explain. Abstraction is the visual language I have chosen to record the journey.


Abstraction is a source of deeper meaning.  It is a source of knowledge and truth. Knowledge and truth have a dual nature of being both concepts fabricated by the mind and words that act as signposts to an understanding that goes beyond the limitations of the mind. 


The intellect is deceptive and alluring. It creates scenarios and conditions that give the illusion that reality can be found in some place other than this present moment. 

My curiosity is drawn to the space between thoughts and concepts. I seek within the process of image-making abstract knowledge about reality that cannot be expressed through words and concepts. I remain humbled by the mystery and abstract nature of the creation and view the image-making effort as some attempt to give face to it.


Saints and sages ask us to inquire about our true nature.


My inquiry is about abstract knowledge. The nature of nature. I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

What "it"is.....I don't know, but I know it is something. I feel compelled to reveal it but  have no expectations of finding it.

I use the artistic process as a vehicle for this inquiry. Our proclivity as human beings is to build things.......concepts, mental constructs, physical forms, the relationship of time and space, to inquire about the mystery of the creation. It's all part of our metaphysical nature. It is deeply rooted in us. This is what the artwork is about.


There's got to be a reason for me doing something. Sometimes I don't have the reason when I start out. Sometimes the reason will be right there. Sometimes it doesn't come till later. Sometimes the reason changes. Sometimes it is a long  journey. Sometimes I go through number of reasons until the right one is found. When I put mark to paper, paint to canvas, construct something my number one motivation is to discover the reason. The reason dictates what form each piece takes. The reason is why each piece becomes.

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